Zombie Wok to Open First Franchise Location – on Willy Street

By Vin Sparks

Zombie Wok, a Pittsburgh, PA Chinese food restaurant which became very successful riding on the insurgence of zombies in pop culture, has announced that it’s application to franchise operations has been approved.

Glen Rhee, Director of Franchising for the company, said that after a yearlong study of niche markets, the organization has chosen Madison’s near east side to open it’s first franchise location. The new franchise owners, Tyreese Williams and Carol Peleteir, both new residents of the Willy Street area having moved here from Georgia, said that it was “the eclectic mix of new customers” that drew the company’s attention to the area, “they’re loud and move around a lot.”

Rick Grimes, the company’s CEO, said that branching out was necessary because their customers in the Pittsburgh area, also home to the Living Dead Museum, keep coming back in herds. “Sometimes it feels like they’re overrunning us,” Grimes said.

While a specific location for the restaurant has yet to be found, the management team at Zombie Wok are confident they’ll find a good safe place for their first franchise location to give the new owners every chance for success. “We’re not going to lose our heads over this thing,” said Hershel Greene, a project manager with the company. “Our customers are ‘walkers’ – that’s why we chose the Willy Street area.” The company is looking on Atwood, Winnebago and E Wash as well.

When asked why she felt Zombie Wok was such a success, Lizzie Samuels, director of procurement, said “You just have to understand what your customers like and they’ll always come back.”

We’re certainly looking forward to the grand opening.

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