The Entire Length of Willy Street Demolished

Spoofing Willy Exclusive!!

No one else is running this story. Apparently, just a little while ago in the dark of night, the whole length of Willy Street has been demolished, leveled to the ground in favor of a Super-Duper Walmart that will occupy both sides of the street.

We were told by one of our confidential informants inside Walmart Corporate Headquarters in San Diego that there will be skyways over Willy Street and a tram running on both sides (that sounds pretty cool actually). This informant has provided Spoofing Willy with exclusive video (below) of the astonishing event that will have the local residents and business owners stunned in the morning when they get up and get their day started.

The Raising of the Entire Nine Blocks of Willy Street

No more walks or bike rides along the Capitol Trail. No more iconic sandwiches or bad breath burgers or BBQ pork tacos. No more live music, stand-up comedy or cocktails on Willy Street.


Apparently our sources on this story were providing Spoofing Willy with information and video that was not credible. Please continue enjoying all the fun, food, entertainment and services offered by the Willy Street and Marquette Neighborhood businesses.

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