Willy Street Area to Host a Running of the Bulls Event

By Vin Sparks

Through it’s sources at City Hall, Spoofing Willy has learned that the Willy Street Area Commerce Board and Association of Local Businesses (WSACBALB) has applied for a Street Use Permit for a … (wait for it) … Running of the Bulls event.

Patterned after the infamous event in Pamplona, the Willy Street Running of the Bulls is to be an annual event coinciding with the original in Spain beginning in July of 2018. While the original features a running of the bulls every morning of the 8-day San Fermin Festival, Aldo Reemer, the Executive Director of the WSACBALB said that the first annual event will feature only one running. “We need to focus our attention on one running to begin with – we want to get this right.”

The 1-day event has yet to be scheduled as City Hall reviews the application and then includes it on the agenda of an upcoming City Council meeting. However, Mr. Reemer indicated that the event will look much like the event in Pamplona does:

8:00 AM – Opening ceremony followed by the running of the bulls
12 noon – Concert featuring the music of Spain
5:00 PM – A bullfight featuring the bulls that ran the streets
8:00 PM – The after-party


All day long, from before the opening ceremony until late in the evening, street vendors will feature the food and drink of Spain. “The Paella and Sangria will flow!” said Mr. Reemer. “There will be vendors selling the wares of Spain and street entertainers will be on hand all day too.”

If the event is approved and is held successfully, the WSACBALB is looking at the possibility of a kids running and a running with other animals and even foul in the future. “Can you imagine the Running of the Ostriches or even the Running of the Peacocks?”, Mr. Reemer asked with a grin.

No, I’m sorry sir, but I can’t see that.

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