House Drops into the Local Market

By Vin Sparks

The Willy Street area has a new home listing on the local market as of April 1st. The quaint little cottage sits on a lot located at 241 S Ingersoll Street but wasn’t there just a few short weeks ago.

“It isn’t new construction,” explained Aldo Reemer, the listing agent with the Reemer Real Estate Group. “The house quite literally dropped into our laps.” The owner of the structure, a Mr. Henry Gale, faxed a copy of the deed for the house, but not for the property it is sitting on – that belongs to the City of Madison.

I was thoroughly confused and said as much to Mr. Reemer, the only person who seems to know anything about this house. So, I had him take me to the location on Ingersoll where we could get a look at it and maybe figure out what is going on.

We arrived and, sure enough, this cottage style house is sitting on a previously vacant parcel at 241 S Ingersoll. Those of you who are familiar with the Willy Street area, you know that address puts the house right in the middle of Central Park.

Aerial View

“All we know is that there was no house there prior to the heavy winds we experienced a few weeks ago,” Mr. Reemer explained. “The morning afterward, it was there and, just as I was discovering it, I got a call from Mr. Gale saying that he had tracked his house down here in Madison.”

I asked Mr. Reemer where Mr. Gale was from and he told me that he was flying in tonight from somewhere in Kansas.

The house is a two-story dwelling, the main floor and a remodeled attic that can be used for living space. Two bedrooms and a full bath on the 1st floor and one large bedroom with capped off plumbing upstairs. A total of about 1,700 sq ft. There is no basement or garage and, unfortunately, there are no floor plans on file with the city.

When asked how soon a new buyer could take possession of the home, Mr. Reemer indicated that two things had to happen first: (1) A long-term lease agreement would have to be negotiated with the city and (2) the police would have to release the area after clearing what they are calling a crime scene.

Apparently, the house landed on an oddly dressed woman and the Madison Police Department believes there is enough evidence to suggest that it was not an accident. I wonder if Mr. Gale has a surprise waiting for him when he arrives.

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