Willy Street Chamber Players 2017

WSCP are the new faces of classical music in Wisconsin

The group was formed in 2015 when an idea for an informal concert series among friends quickly gained momentum. Realizing they could create something great, musicians devised a fierce guerilla marketing strategy canvasing door-to-door, tacking posters to the windows of east side restaurants, bars, and shops, and performing on local radio. The work of these dedicated newcomers paid off; local audiences responded with enthusiasm and came out by the hundreds. By the final concert of the pilot season, the ensemble was performing to glowing reviews from Madison’s top music critics, and audiences of over two hundred people.

With each individual player having a thriving career of his/her own to boast in Madison and beyond, an all-star team was created. Each player brings a fresh, imaginative take to classical music that is appealing to both lifelong classical music fans and newcomers to the genre. The six core musicians come together for four thrilling weeks in the summer to create chamber music, innovate, and share with the community they love. The Willy Street Chamber Players are firm believers that classical music should be accessible to all.

Post-concert receptions are a unique and fun part of the Willy Street Chamber Players concert experience. In addition to providing opportunities to meet and interact with audience members, the receptions help to promote Williamson Area businesses by featuring local products. The combination of inspiring music and excellent local food not only demonstrates the importance of partnerships between the arts and commerce, but also offers the community an unforgettable experience. Local businesses that participate often attend their sponsored event and take advantage of the chance to get to know their patrons outside of business hours.

In 2016, WCSP anticipates reaching over 800 audience members through four concerts at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Williamson neighborhood and a special performance at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. WSCP emphasizes that chamber music revolves around the concepts of collaboration and relationship building– this affects everyone in the room, not just the musicians on stage.

WSCP 2017 Summer Season

The chamber players are very pleased to be performing two FREE concerts at the Marquette Waterfront Festival this year and an admission FREE family event at the Goodman Community Center as well. These concerts are made possible by the generous support of our business and individual sponsors. (To be a sponsor, check out the WSCP Support page on their website.)

Three very special Friday evening Summer Series performances at Immanuel Lutheran Church are scheduled this year. These concerts begin at the unique time of 6:00 pm and are 1-1.5 hours in length. This allows audiences to leave for the evening feeling inspired to spend the remaining summer daylight hours exploring the Williamson Street restaurants, shops, and natural sights.

The Willy Street Chamber Players are also happy to announce a very special engagement at the Taliesin Hillside Theater in Spring Green, WI for the Rural Musicians’ Forum.

We hope you enjoy the 2017 summer concert schedule:









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