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10 Easy Things to Do Around Willy and Atwood that Cost Nothing

And a Couple of Challenges Along the Way!

We always like to go out and about, on the town, but sometimes we just don’t have the scratch, the coinage, cabbage, legal tender, folding money…you know, CASH. So, Vin came up with a list of stuff that can be done gratis, for nothing, free of charge, no admission, complimentary…on the house if you will.

Here is Vin’s List of 10 Easy Things to Do Around Willy and Atwood that Cost Nothing

1.  Go see the birds on Paterson Street (That’s Vin)

2.  Drop by to see what’s up at the Barrymore. Well, okay, you don’t have to drop by the Barrymore to see what’s going on at the Barrymore. You can go to the Barrymore events calendar online – or, better yet, check out the event calendar at Spoofing Willy…you’re already at the site. Cool, right?

3.  See how many of these things you can find on Willy or on Atwood or the Marquette area. Take the Playbill Kiosk Challenge. Snap a selfie with one of these things in the background and post it to the challenge gallery on our Facebook page.

4.  Ride a stupid looking bike on the Capitol Bike Path

5.  Stop by Gib’s on Willy at 8:00AM to see if they’re open

6.  How many Willy Street addresses are there? Count them and report the number on the Willy Street Addresses status update on our Facebook page.

7. Stand right at the spot where Atwood Avenue ends and Monona Drive begins. It’s kind of like the Continental Divide or the Four Corners Monument, but not as cool.

8.  Take the Neon Sign Challenge. Snap a selfie with a Willy / Atwood area neon sign in the background and post it to the Neon Sign Challenge gallery on our Facebook page.

9.  Snap a selfie in front of both the newest and the oldest bar in the Willy / Atwood areas and post them in the “Out and About” album in our Facebook gallery.

10.  Finally, take the Ghost Sign Challenge. Do you know what a Ghost sign is? Do you know where all the area Ghost signs are? Snap a selfie with a ghost sign in the background and post it to the Ghost Sign Challenge album on our Facebook page.

BONUS! Go check out the new NBA arena going up in Central Park between Ingersoll and Baldwin Streets

Well, there it is then – 10 things you can do in and around the Willy Street-Atwood area plus a BONUS 11th. There are a few really stupid things to do here, but what did you expect, a trip to the Maldives?

Be sure to check out the challenges on our Facebook page. There will be several running this summer and it could just be a chance to score some freebies.

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