The People’s History of Willy Street and Surrounding Areas

By Vin Sparks

The history of this area is long and distinguished, I’m sure.  For instance, is anyone surprised that the Fauerbach Brewery and Tavern was among the first buildings constructed on Willy Street? No one is shocked by the fact that Willy’s affinity with libation dates back to the very beginning of the Madison area – right?

Be that as it may, what we’re going for here is the lost history of the area – the kind of history that is uncovered when an old house is raised and a vault is found in the basement containing old documents from a bygone era:

  • What would be contained in a letter from a city official in New York addressed to the Madison mayor from the turn of the century – the last century?
  • What would happen if we found clippings from an old newspaper, now defunct, that contained box scores from a professional baseball team that was home in the area, but no one remembers it?
  • Would you like to know the story behind the ghost signs in the area?
  • And what if we discovered evidence that the Beatles played in the area long before that fateful night on the Ed Sullivan Show back on February 9, 1964?

So, if you will leave us a comment, a post to our Facebook page, send us an email or tweet something with @SpoofingWilly1 in the message just to let us know you’re watching for these stories, we’ll be sure to continue our investigative research into the history of the area and bring you the finest informative pieces.

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