Police and an Incredible Slip Up

By Vin Sparks

MADISON, WI. With torrential floods looming and the National Weather Service forecasting more thunderstorms for the area, residents and businesses are bracing for the possibility of destructive flood waters.

At the same time, a few locals are embracing what the heavy rains have brought and are hoping for more it, that is, water for their Slip N Slide.

Kids Slipping Down a Slide in the Street
Local Kids Took Over the Flood Waters on a Huge Slip n Slide that Backed up Traffic in the Willy Street area.

Yes, a Slip N Slide, and a big one too (no, not as big as the one pictured above).

Edna Mode, who lives on the corner of Ingersoll and Jenifer Streets, purchased the massive water toy and co-opted the help of several neighborhood boys for installation and, “Boom!” she said, “You’ve got a neighborhood attraction that will keep the kids busy for a while.

Mode’s neighbor, Bud Pine, is totally in favor of keeping the kids busy, “but look where this monstrosity goes!”

The Slip N Slide starts at the top of the hill on Ingersoll and Jenifer, runs north down through Williamson Street then two more blocks before it deposits its riders into the Central Park area where a lot of water is pooling.

“The police are out there redirecting traffic around this thing! It’s a mess,” complained Pine, “I can’t get in and out of the area.”

Apparently, Pine, called the police to come put a stop to it. When they arrived on the scene, Mode talked the officers into allowing the slide to stay for the rest of the day and even convinced them to take a turn down the hill on a couple Boogie Boards. 

“She suggested that it would be a great gesture of cooperation between the department and the community”, said officer Danny Butterman, the first responder on the scene. So, to the roaring applause of the neighborhood kids, he and his partner, Officer Nicki Angel, mounted Boogie Boards and took a turn down the slide through Willy Street, past he Roman Candle, into the intersection of E Wilson Street and into the pool of muddy water accumulating in Central Park.

Spoofing Willy Street was told by an anonymous source that Edna Mode supplied the Boogie Boards. “I think this could be a precursor to a Slide the City event here in Madison”, she suggested with a wink of her eye.

Well…there it is then.

Picture credit Ben Hurst published in the Birmingham Mail 4/25/15: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/gallery/slide-city-coming-birmingham-9117102

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