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Gallery Night Fall 2017

Our first stop was to visit Margaret LeMay, the owner/curator of Gallery Marzen. She told Spoofing Willy Street  that she is featuring the work of an artist whose career spans more than 50 years. A Madisonian that lived in Montana for 15 years, Richard Springer’s collection is a painted ode to the wide open spaces of his former home.

Talking to Springer, it becomes obvious that the artist struggles with what seems to be inevitable all over our country, the development of once pristine natural spaces and the encroachment of civilization on the American wilderness.

What makes this inevitability difficult for SpriPainting of a Brooknger is that he walked the trails, observed the wild life and lived the simpler life out in the open spaces of Montana. He shares that his visits now include watching for traffic where there were no automobiles and navigating streets where there were just trails.

So, in this sense, the collection of watercolors and tempera are portraying what once was.

Please visit Gallery Marzen at 2345 Atwood Avenue to enjoy the Richard Springer Montana collection called, Wilderness Lost.

Tower Falls, Yellowstone (pictured above) was selected for the National Park Service Centennial Art Exhibit, Livingston, Montana, 2016.

The artist is committed to the cause and a portion of each purchase will be donated to organizations that are working to save the wilderness and wetlands.

Please see details here along with information about Gallery Marzen:

Richard Springer Artist

Gallery Marzen

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