Atwood Atelier

Gallery Night Fall 2017

We were in line together at the print and copy shop. He was scrambling to get a few things done in the very last couple of hours before Gallery Night got started but it wasn’t going smoothly. A file containing the flyer he wanted printed and on hand for the festivities that evening wasn’t cooperating.

               The Aforementioned Flyer

That is where we met Philip Salamone of the Atwood Atelier.

Once he realized that we were from Spoofing Willy Street, the local media giant, and that we were doing some last minute printing in preparation for our coverage of Gallery Night, we were invited to make Winnebago Studios and the atelier one of our stops. He handed us one of the flyers, now printed, and he was off into the gray afternoon.

Painting from the Figure

One thing we learned from our visit to the Atwood Atelier and our talk with Philip Salamone is that he is driven by his passion. It radiates through his teaching at the university, his classes and workshops at Winnebago Studios and through his own art. That passion is to revive what seems to have been lost – painting from the figure without the use of a photograph.

As he told us this and we began surveying the portraits on the walls of his studio I was struck with an incredible realization. Each of these works on the wall was accomplished through hours of effort compensating for movement due to restlessness, fatigue and breaks. This movement changes shadows, lighting, facial expressions, the complexion of the subject due to oils in the skin, perspiration and a host of other factors.

Through it all Mr. Salamone and his subject persevere and are rewarded with a portrait which is nothing short of amazing. This process is repeated again and again as evidenced by what we saw on the walls that night.

                                                    The Walls of Atwood Atelier

Please see your way clear to visit the Atwood Atelier in Winnebago Studios at 2046 Winnebago Street and visit the websites below:


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