Bare-Knuckle Arts

Gallery Night Fall 2017

Our next stop was a complete departure from what I’ll bet was the norm all over the area – if we can say there was a norm (there had been no Peterson or McDonald sightings). Allow me to elaborate:

Until now, we’ve been working with adults who have a good understanding what it takes to be an artist – the challenges, efforts to raise money and how to get your art seen.

Bare-Knuckle Arts is the brainchild of owner Amy Meitzel. A middle school art educator for over 20 years, Amy understands the value of the arts when it comes to children’s involvement in it. To her #artmatters. It should matter to all of us.

Featured this Gallery Night were two young artists:

Sam(ora) Age 10 Lava Lamp Painting $15


Lava Lamp Painting

Sam said that she didn’t start out painting a lava lamp but that it was first intended to be a grocery bag, but became a lava lamp as she was unable to duplicate on the sheet what she saw in her mind’s eye. She believes all excellent artists find their way through this process while creating their works of art. Spoofing Willy cannot help but to wonder what some of the great works of art throughout history were intended to be in the mind of the artist.

Please consider making a purchase of the Lava Lamp Painting – a real bargain at $15.





The tag next to this work of art just reads Joe Age 16. (Untitled)


One cannot wonder why there is no title here as there is certainly a lot going on. When we spoke to Jo, she spoke only of her enjoyment of being in the program there at the studio and the artful expression it allows her.

Please consider the purchase of (untitled), contacting Bare-Knuckle Arts for details.




Please visit Bare-Knuckle Arts at 1949 Winnebago Street

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