Another Submarine Spotted on Lake Monona

MADISON, WI  While out for a walk early this past Sunday morning (October 8th), Morrision Street resident Walt Whittaker was strolling through Morrison Park. “Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye on the lake” Whittaker said, “I didn’t know what I was looking at – but I got a picture of it” 

“What Whittaker was looking at was a submarine,” said Gunther A. Prien III, Professor of History and the Chair of the Naval War Department at Edgewood College. “A vintage VIIC attack submarine – the WWII era ‘workhorse’ of the German Navy.”

Whittaker said that the top hatch opened up on the out-of-place vessel, and a man in uniform popped up and shouted to him in a heavy accent, “You, American! Do you have beer?”

“What could I say?” Whittaker told us. “I said yes and ran home and got an assorted  6-pack I just bought from the Jenifer Street Market.” 

In the 6-pack Whittaker says was:

  • Potosi Brewery Slugger – a whiskey barrel aged imperial stout
  • Vintage Brewing Pumpkin Disorderly
  • O’so Brewing Fuzzy Dream Dreamsicle IPA
  • Next Door Brewing Plumptuous
  • One Barrel Brewing Sour Apple Ale
  • 3 Sheeps Brewing Paid Time Off

Two sailors came ashore to retrieve the 6-pack and took it back to the UBoat, which shoved off and submerged as the two sailors crawled into an escape hatch and closed it just in time to avoid water pouring into the hole.

When asked what stands out most about the encounter Whittaker said, “I just wish I knew if they liked the beer.”

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