Momentum for Street Artists

Have you ever experienced graffiti that astounds you? Can you think of a mural you’ve seen so vibrant with color, so clever in its message and so artistic in its portrayal that you just wondered out loud, “Who does this?”

Of course, those questions are almost rhetorical. Anyone that has lived in an urban setting has seen brilliant works of art on a wall in the city, on a passing freight train, subway or truck or on the frame of an overpass and that could be part of the problem.

“What problem is that?” you ask.

The problem of getting people to see urban art – street art, as a bonafide art form and worthy of being called a legitimate genre. It’s going to be a challenge.

It is a challenge that James Gubbins and many like him are up for. They are working to put urban art on the map and, as the owner of Momentum Art Technologies, a new  local paint and art supply store, he is positioned to do just that.

So, the plan is 3-fold:

Acquire Walls

Yes, walls. Do you have one? Gubbins has a few and is looking for more. He makes them available to urban artists to showcase street art. A muralist creates the work and its up for three or four weeks before another one goes up over the top of it. One such wall is on the side of the building in which is his store and two more are not far away on Monona Drive near the high school. He just acquired one in Milwaukee as well.

These murals can be outstanding works of art, capture the beauty of the art form and the heart of the neighborhood. Gubbins believes that, if street art can be showcased enough, attitudes about their craft can slowly be changed.

What about the art form’s nefarious beginnings? Gubbins was quoted in a recent article in the Wisconsin State Journal as saying, “We do not support illegal stuff and we do not support gang activity.” To him, this is about advancing an art form whose time has come. Its about showcasing the work of artists who deserve to be showcased.

Artists are Available for Commissions

Many street artists are commissioned to create “aerosol art”. From local artists to the world renowned, commissioned works have become an important part of the fabric of the community.

Walls of street art can be saturated in satire:

They can be purposeful in their simplicity and beauty:


And very creative:


Finally, There is the Store

Momentum Art Technologies is in Madison at 195 Cottage Grove Road just off Atwood Avenue.

In addition to the wall located there, he offers a gallery so that the art can be showcased, he brings in extraordinary talent to work with the locals and he offers the highest quality paints and supplies at the best prices around. He wants this art form to be accessible so that it can flourish.

Why not visit and check out his wall, but be careful – James Gubbins is passionate about his work and his enthusiasm can be infectious.

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