Light Rail Coming to Willy Street?

MADISON, WI  The old and now defunct New York Central System, a railroad company based in New York which operated throughout the Northeast United States (1853 – 1968) has been reported to have resumed operations in the Madison area.

Aldo Reemer, President and CEO of the newly resurrected NYCS, sited the numerous failed efforts to bring light rail to the area as his inspiration to bring reliable mass transit to Madison. “We acquired the last Mercury daytime streamliner locomotive and three cars”, Reemer said. “We intend to run it right down the throat… ehem, uhmm, the middle of Williamson Street, over to Atwood Avenue by way of Winnebago Street.”

Reemer said that the train is expected to depart a Blair Street Station with stops at Baldwin, First Street, Fair Oaks and pull into a station at Olbrich Gardens an hour later.

“We can’t get sensible light rail to the area, let’s see how they like 250 long tons of locomotive coming down the street!”

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