Nathans to Relocate to Winnebago Street

JERICHO, NY  Nathan’s Famous (NASDAQ: NATH), the chain of hot dog restaurants with wholesale operations world wide has announced a move that has stunned New Yorkers. 

Company spokesman, Joey Chestnut, said that the company headquartered in Jericho, New York, has begun looking into the feasibility of moving it’s first hot dog location from it’s 101 year old home in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn to Winnebago Street here in Madison, WI.

“Hurricane Sandy took its toll on her”, said Chestnut, who has won the Mustard Belt, top prize of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, 9 out of the last 10 years. The contest has been held at the original Coney Island location since 1976. “This is an historically significant event, said Chestnut. “But it really is a move to protect the historical structure from hurricanes, salty air and vandalism, for that matter.” 

“Hurricanes and vandalism?” said Spanky McPhearson, a local resident of the area. “I don’t know what’s goin on here, but somethin ain’t right.” Turning to someone nearby, Mr. McPhearson asked, “Can Nathan’s just up and move like that?” 

When asked what gave them the idea to move the structure Chestnut said, “If the Brits can move the London bridge, brick by brick to Arizona, we can move the original Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Stand to Madison, WI – and that means every cinderblock, wood slat and counter top”.

“I can win the championship in Wisconsin just as well as I have here,” said Chestnut, “And, by the way, I hold the world hot dog eating record – 73.5 hotdogs in a bun in 10 minutes.”

Good luck Mr. Chestnut.

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