A Tapas and Tequila Tasting

The Best Food Deserves the Best Tequila (and That’s What we Got)

When you say Tequila to people they commonly think shots or margaritas. Most Americans are used to drinking tequila that is a blended product (mixto) of maybe only 51 percent distilled agave and the rest alcohol from another source. This is what probably started the tradition of licking salt and sucking on a lime with a shot of straight tequila, since the tequila mixto is harsh.

Well, enter Zach Lozoff (he really did enter…the bar), Craft Spirit Specialist and Rian Hill, both of Allstate Liquor & Wine Company, an importer and one of Fuegos key beverage suppliers. Allstate and Chef Oscar presented a Tequilaso – a Tequila tasting.

Paired with a 6-course menu of tapas, Zach and Chef Oscar put on a show where the food and drink were the stars. Each course, expertly served by the chef and his staff, came with a presentation of the food by our host and an introduction of the paired Tequila by Zach.

The presentation of food included ingredients, preparations and inspiration which told the story of the course before us. Each course came also with a trivia question about the ingredients used in the tapas we were enjoying. Those who answered correctly received certificates for complimentary tapas, drinks and entrees.

Each introduction of the Tequila came with a tasting pour of the featured drink along with some of it’s history, origination and peculiarities.

Chef Oscar, a master of ceremonies of sorts and a gracious warm host, presented the evening passionately and with expertise as each of us enjoyed savoring the dish before us.

The next event of this kind is on Valentine’s Day – February 14th. It will be a chocolate lover’s dinner – every course includes chocolate in some way or fashion.

You will not want to miss this.

Click to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day (Highly Recommended)

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