Summer Festivals

There are 7  (count ’em) – 7 summer festivals/music events on the near eastside of Madison. They are produced by area neighborhood and business associations and sponsored by area businesses and residents. They are supported by volunteers to work the many hours in many different capacities necessary to put on festivals of such magnitude.

These are some of the longest running neighborhood gatherings in the State of Wisconsin and maybe even the country. This fact is a testament to the commitment, organization, mission of and work done by each of these community service organizations. That work is vital to the well-being of each resident living here and enterprise doing business in the area.

Thank you for your vision and sense of community:



Wil-Mar, A Place For All People
A community-directed, non-profit organization based in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood concentrating on:

1. Enhancing the quality of life by fostering community building and partnership
2. Supporting life enriching programs
                                                        3. Providing opportunities and services

Please consider donating to the Wil-mar Neighborhood Center


MNA’s Mission is to improve the neighborhood through citizen involvement and participation utilizing all appropriate means including:


  • Foreseeing and calling attention to emerging trends and problems before they reach crisis proportions
  • Serving as the neighborhood’s voice for those policies and programs that improve the health, safety and well being of the neighborhood, for both its residents and the community as a whole
  • Providing means for widespread study and discussion of all pertinent issues and questions
  • Educating citizens, members and non-members, in the processes, problems and potentials relating to the neighborhood’s development and the importance of preserving the neighborhoods rich history going back over 150 years
  • Fostering neighborhood interest and participation in community issues
  • Generating and sustaining a spirit of neighborhood and community among area residents
  • Recognizing the special relationship between the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center and MNA and encouraging participation and financial support of the important programs the Center provides, including after school programs, food pantry, health classes and educational programs

Please consider joining and/or donating to the Marquette Neighborhood Association

Mission – To empower residents to engage in their community.
Purpose – Established for charitable and educational purposes, the organization advocates for a high quality of life for and equitable treatment of all SASY residents including those who are disadvantaged by poverty, underrepresentation or other distress.

SASY informs and educates all residents of the SASY neighborhood about changes proposed for the neighborhood and how those changes could affect their lives, businesses, property and/or opportunities for improving the quality of life and business climate within the SASY neighborhood.


A non-profit community development corporation that has developed and managed numerous innovative economic, community and housing development projects since it began in 1979. Our mission is to “continue to build and sustain a vibrant, diverse, engaged, inclusive and safe community.”

Common Wealth’s goals are:

  • To provide job training, placement, financial education and mentoring for low-income teens
  • To promote the creation of new living wage jobs for low-to-moderate income people while improving the local business climate; to create affordable housing for people with limited incomes
  • To preserve and improve older housing stock while preserving the community’s socio-economic diversity
  • To involve the people living and working in our neighborhoods in community-building activities

Please consider making a donation to or volunteering with CWDC


The GWABA seeks to improve the quality of economic and residential life in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood by encouraging well-planned, high-quality and balanced commercial, industrial and residential development along with economic growth. Businesses and organizations join GWABA to reach new customers, advocate for issues important to their business and network with other business owners to build a thriving, diverse community through GWABA events such as Taste of Willy Street and Central Park Sessions.

Please consider joining the GWABA today.