World Class Reviews

I suppose it would be kind of cool being a restaurant critic.  You get paid to try out eateries all over town.  I wonder if they are eating out every night.  That might get a little stale.

You show up at a restaurant and the whole staff has been expecting you so they  know who you are.  They go out of their way for you and the kitchen makes sure that they put their best foot forward.

In some big markets the whole process is rigged with payments for good reviews.  I’m not saying that is taking place here in Madison.  I don’t know that to be the case.  However, the restaurant staff does get warned ahead of time that a critic is coming.  Isn’t that rigging the system in itself?

We at Spoofing Willy Street are going to endeavor to bring you world class reviews – interesting, well written articles about the Willy Street restaurants based on a visit where the staff of the eatery doesn’t know they are being reviewed.  We’ll be getting the same kind of service that you will get because they won’t know who we are.

Not just restaurants either.  We’ll review shops, bars, entertainment venues…whatever lends itself to review.

You can expect great reviews like these:

The Weary Traveler Freehouse

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Mickey’s Tavern

Ohio Tavern